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Android Apps to Get Household Chores Done Without a Groan 



Android Apps

Android Apps

This is not going to be a super fun post… I’m sorry. It’s about doing house chores. If there was anything enjoyable about getting household chores done, they would have given it a different name. Isn’t it? However, having an interesting app that lets you manage and organize those boring little jobs so that you get them more efficiently done, might just make things a bit less grueling for us.

If you, your roommates, or your family members struggle with completing their everyday household chores, then we might have the right tools for your phone that can help. Here are the top four apps you can download right away on your Android device; you can choose the best one for your use as per your requirements. Let’s take a look!


What if doing house chores was just as fun as playing video games? Well, OurHome attempts to make them happen for you. Now you can easily create a list of tasks, set reminders for yourself, and others to complete the chores, and monitor everyone doing their tasks.

And no, your kids or roommates won’t just complete the chores to achieve the highest score. There are more rewards that you create after accomplishing a certain degree of tasks. Looking for a new video game? 200 points. Want to host a sleepover? 150 points… and so on. For sure, you could call this ‘sweet bribery.’ However, depending on your circumstances, you may also want to label it as effective.

OurHome is not only a chore manager. You can also use this app to create a shopping list for your everyday use that syncs across devices. With the exclusive features to like or comment on tasks of other people, the user experience might even feel like managing a tiny social network. The best part is that you can also send a private message to any member associated with the same household as you.


Nipto works well for all types of users, however, it is extra beneficial for families in particular. The app allows you to allot points to tasks so that kids in the house will feel like they are earning something while completing their chores. However, this app can also be used by people living alone or even with their partners, just to make chores a little fun.

Nipto will also keep you updated on which chores have been incomplete for a while and will show the accurate picture in the task calendar to see which tasks are coming up, and which ones are overdue. You can also categorize the tasks room-wise, such as those for the living room, bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen, etc. Nipto makes sure that you are doing your best at all corners of your house, and no space is being neglected.

However, the main key here is to have a stable internet connection at home before you download the app. It will ensure that your app operations and downloading don’t get interrupted in between. For instance, you can always reach out to Hargray internet service providers to get the best-quality connection in town. They will not only provide you with instant internet connectivity and high-speed data but also give all the information about their incredibly affordable monthly packages, starting from $55 per month only.


Tody is an easy-to-use, simple yet useful app that helps you to organize your chores efficiently. The app lets you select specific rooms, such as your living room, bedroom, kitchen, TV lounge, or bathroom, etc., and then provides you an option to create specific task lists for each room. To make things easier, you can also allot a color code for each room.

On your tasks lists, you’ll observe a bar that hints at whether or not a task is done. The app will also provide an upcoming chores list so that you are well-planned about doing things on time. Even before the day arrives, you can check out its chores list from the calendar.

The app also offers a premium version; however, it is just for those people who have multiple properties, like a vacation home or guest house, etc. Moreover, before you hit the Play Store to download the premium (or free) version, don’t forget to check your internet signals. You need to ensure having a stable internet supply for a better downloading experience.

For your convenience, you can always opt for high-speed internet connections like Spectrum internet which is not only high-speed but also very reliable and secure for all types of downloading. Simply dial Spectrum phone number now, and get more information about their highly economical internet packages.

Clean House

Just as the name says, Clean House is probably the ‘cleanest’ version of house chores apps, because of its simple graphics, designing and color themes. There are no rewards, no points, but lots of options to simply create a list of tasks and set how often they repeat. The app sends you a notification that appears on the screen when it’s time to get something done.

Moreover, this app also does not sync across multiple devices. Its main motive is to keep you in check and to manage your house chores as effectively as possible. If more than a single person intends to use the app at the same time, then each one of you will need to keep your own list. Now, if you can trust them with that responsibility, then it’s all good. And if you can’t, then keep scrolling to find your best app match.

Are You Ready to Stick to These Apps?

Chores can be frustrating and monotonous, and this can often lead to losing interest in carrying them out.  So, why not try making things interesting, and turn to technology for keeping our place clean and tidy? A well-organized chores list can drastically help in getting things done on time, and you might end up saving plenty of time every day for your fun activities. Do give these apps a try!

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