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How to be more productive when running your business from home



business Revenue

business Revenue

Working without leaving your own space is the dream of many. But running a business from home is not paradise. Quite the contrary: if you are not disciplined, working at home can be the worst strategy for your company. That is why, below, we give you some useful tips in this regard.

In the last decade, telecommuting has become fashionable. In fact, between 2005 and 2012, the number of people who started running their businesses from home -in the United States-  increased by 80%, in recent years this figure has tripled. However, the most striking thing about this figure is its background: workers who perform their tasks from home are 13.5% more productive per day than those who worked in their offices.

Considering the above, how could we increase the productivity of the home business? Considering that when running an online store, working from home can be more frequent than usual, there are some tips that can help you perform at your best. Take note:

1. Plan

If you don’t plan, you will be tempted to work on the go and without schedules. This can lead you to work many hours, many more than you would work if you were in an office. The key is to plan your day today, and tools such as Google Calendar will help you better control your time, especially as regards e-Commerce since it is a field of much and varied activity.

In this regard, having a logistics partner capable of offering all the services that a virtual store requires is vital to be able to work from home, since you do not need to consider warehouses or the like, worrying only about meeting the satisfaction expectations of your customers.

2. Organize your space

Being comfortable at work is important, but beware of overdoing it when running your business from home. Therefore, it is important to organize your space considering the needs and work demands. If you can, create an office in your home, a space without distractions, and where you have everything you need to do your chores in the best possible way.

And we repeat: without distractions (just in case you were thinking of taking the TV or the console for your free time). After all, your e-Commerce will not move alone, and concentration is essential to bring your virtual store to success.

3. Be flexible

Running a business from home implies giving up the stability and predictability of the day to day, especially when you are your own boss and you must, literally, be in all of them. Therefore, you must always be prepared to react to unforeseen events that alter your schedule, with the ability to make decisions in a matter of minutes. After all, when running an online store this kind of thing can happen.

4. Prepare as if you were going to the office

According to the study cited in the first paragraphs, people who do not prepare as if they were going to work are less productive. Therefore, it is advisable that you prepare as if you had to move to your office: do not start work in pajamas, barefoot, etc. Instead, get up on time, get dressed, and start your day ready to go out. In this way, you indicate to your brain that there are demands to meet, and you do not get carried away by the relaxation of knowing that you are at home.

5. Establish schedules

Whatever it is, set your schedule: the time to start work, to eat, to rest, and to finish. Respect it and you can increase your productivity, even working from home. Thus, you can spend time with your family, your partner, and your things. After all, leisure is essential for the good performance of workers.

Managing your e-Commerce from home can bring you great benefits, as long as you are disciplined and follow the advice that we just reviewed.

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Product Fulfillment Solution For Your eCommerce Business



Product Fulfillment

Product Fulfillment

Fulfillment basically refers to the process of storing one or more products in a certain place and then managing the delivery to the end customer after purchase. It is a fundamental part of the logistics of a company, both for the latter to optimize time and costs and for the buyer to receive the product on the correct date and in perfect condition.

For the same reason, to integrate an eCommerce fulfillment solution into a business, we must first answer some questions: how can your company’s eCommerce finances be optimized? In what way is this item hurting your time, making you stop aside other edges that require your attention?

Let’s review below how to go about integrating a fulfillment solution for your online store, and thus achieve the best results for your time and your profits.


The first thing is to organize your inventory and check stock, and then proceed to examine which products are most purchased in your online store. This is essential to order your future orders.

Once the inventory is identified, you must proceed to store the products in predetermined locations. It is important to consider some important points that could intervene in costs, in order to anticipate contingencies:

  • What size are the products in your online store? When they are small it is easier to implement a fulfillment solution for eCommerce, although for large and heavy objects you can get some specialized storage and dispatch alternatives.
  • What areas do you want to dispatch? To a city, a whole region, all of Chile? Some logistics services have strategic storage sites to ship to cities and communes throughout the country.

In that sense, integrating a fulfillment solution for your eCommerce begins by outsourcing the logistics. Therefore, the first thing you should do is deliver to the company the products you choose to store, for example, the best sellers, although the idea is to cover a large amount of inventory to avoid transport.

The company will allow you to manage shipments, quote online, and track products, in addition to offering you detailed information on warehouse stock. Storage gives you greater flexibility. As for prices, these will be fixed by the volume of items to save, and variable in relation to the number of sales and movements of your inventory.

Packaging and dispatch

It is another fundamental process in fulfillment. The external company will give you the option to pack your products according to your preferences so that they arrive in perfect condition.

To optimize costs, the prices of the different dispatch alternatives are compared. For example, in Chile logistics will connect with the most convenient shipping services, according to the best times and coverage – such as Correos de Chile, Chilexpress, and Starken-, managing any information to and from the courier company.

In addition, you should not forget that a correctly integrated fulfillment solution for eCommerce will be able to work with the different electronic commerce platforms, allowing the external company to connect immediately with the orders. So you can forget about the storage and delivery processes of the products.

Remember that outsourcing the logistics of your business can help increase its reach to a more scalable level, in addition to avoiding having to invest in WMS costs and new processes: you simply let your logistics partner do it for you. Thus, you can give yourself the time you need to dedicate yourself completely to marketing your company, to customers, to study their needs, and to improve the shopping experience.

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Anti-Prediction List For E-Commerce Business 2020





The eCommerce in United States has a tremendous year ahead, a new decade is upon us and it is difficult to resist the 2020 predictions and trends lists. Who would not like to have a crystal ball to predict the future and ensure the success of your business?

(This article was originally published by Allan Guiloff on  Linkedin)

Since we haven’t built our guru’s muscle, we at  Shipit prefer to review those prophecies of the decade that were not fulfilled and see what we can learn from them to drive digital sales this year.

Robots didn’t take your job

At this point in the millennium, two things are not yet happening:

  • The flying skateboard from Back to the Future ( soon, soon )
  • An army of robots rising unemployment rates.

Just relax. We live surrounded by robots that make it easier for us to hit and if you take advantage of them, they can do wonders for your eCommerce. How to use them best?

  • Say hello to chatbots
  • Keep your eye on voice searches
  • Learn to use Analytics platforms
  • Automate your logistics and save time and money.

The internet did not make us less human

Many are still nervous that the internet and the virtual world absorb our daily life and isolate us from the real world. The truth is that we spend a lot of time in front of a screen but that does not mean that we leave ourselves aside as a person. As we were taught in one of our talks: not everything is digital.

On the contrary, personalization and socialization are a full trend in the eCommerce ecosystem. Some things you can boost in yours:

  • Customize the content. But do it for real. I like to give an example of LoveLust, 100% original content.
  • Get ready for Instagram Shopping
  • Listen to the feelings of your consumers
  • Socialize the shopping experience.

Online stores didn’t bankrupt brick-and-mortar stores

Today we have a lot of options to buy and omnichannel is more relevant than ever. Some prefer to research on the internet before buying in physical stores. And some prefer to interact with the physical product to finally buy online. The fundamental thing is to maintain a very good shopping experience regardless of the channel you decide to open. For 2020, it would be good for you to consider:

  • Many online stores are opening showrooms or physical stores.
  • Selling on a Marketplace is still relevant, but you have to choose it well.

Now, what now?

There is no glass sphere, but we do have compasses. As Nacho Calle said, it is important to know our clients and our business before copying models or trends. It is also useful to learn from the experience of other eCommerce or startups, so: do you dare to share with us what new things you are going to experience in 2020?

2020, we are going for you.

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