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Walleon – How Technology Will Shape the Future





It is the nature of peoples to try to know more, to discover the secrets of nature and our possibilities to modify reality to live better and, although “men forget that happiness is a disposition of the mind and not a condition of circumstances “- as John Locke said – seek the highest levels of happiness possible.

The things is in innovation that seeks to facilitate the way we interact with the objects we use on a daily basis. This new technology has transformed everything from household appliances to security devices.

Technology and security

Smart LED Wallet with GPS Tracking

One of the most recent technology is “Smart LED Wallet with GPS Tracking” by Walleon, the most authentic smart anti-theft wallet. The device with reasonable cost, has a built-in camera, GPS locator, and a portable charger. The big mAh battery will help your smartphone not run out of battery. You can check Walleon Facebook official page for more information.

Stay connected, updated, and informed with the speed and coverage of the best network.

What happens if Walleon wallet stolen or lost?

The wallet enters “Lost Mode“, in this way it will take a photo of the person and send it to your phone along with the location. In addition, it has a smart alarm via Bluetooth, which will sound when you get too far from your smartphone.

After your phone, the wallet is the most valuable personal item you carry with you and, with the help of new technologies, it will now also be the safest.

Impact Of Technology On Future

In future, the human being will do everything he is capable of, no matter how many restrictions they put on us or we impose on ourselves. In addition, there is the circumstance that scientific and technological advances are always far ahead of the Administration’s ability to regulate them. Since the facts run faster than the Law, the day we put a ban on ourselves it will be to avoid something that has already happened and, therefore, there will already be a precedent.

That is why the agreement reached these days by the Pontifical Academy for Life with Microsoft and IBM, the two companies that possibly have the most track record in the world of computing, is so important –as well as necessary and intelligent– and, therefore, on the basis of new technologies. Where the Law cannot go, because it does not yet know, ethics can do so in order to establish behaviors within an acceptable moral framework.

Impact Of Technology in Society

We are not talking about religion, but about values ​​associated with human dignity, intrinsic to the person and, therefore, prior to any belief. History has already taught us on several occasions what man is capable of doing without moral rules when technological possibilities give him power.

Having learned the lessons from the atrocities committed in the past –for example in Nazism–, one might wonder what could happen today, at a time when technological possibilities have increased exponentially and innovation times are passing so quickly than before learning to use the latest technology and a superior one is emerging.

We are at the beginning of a change of era that will lead us to a transformation of the human being

We are, without a doubt, not before a revolution without more, but possibly before the beginning of a change of era that will lead us, sooner or later, to a transformation of the human being. At the dawn of the digital revolution, with the possibilities that artificial intelligence and the first genetic modifications for the treatment of diseases are beginning to show, a future that seems like science fiction opens up before us. The biological revolution will end up leading us to a new human being (trans humanization) and to posthumanism.

We are at the beginning. It begins to develop machines that in addition to processing data, as before, make decisions. Artificial intelligence, also wisely called “augmented” or “collaborative”, because it will not replace – for now – the unpredictability that feelings and emotions provide, it will help us improve our own capacities.

It is therefore crucial for our future that these first steps, the first tiles that will set the path and direction for research and development, are correct.

That is why the agreement reached in the world of technological innovation through the mediation of the Catholic Church is so important. I am confident that many more companies can join and expand into other fields. Technology must be inclusive, transparent, global, responsible, secure, and impartial, and its development must reach the whole world. It has to be an opportunity to achieve social justice, allow everyone to access the new rights that it generates.

When there is the possibility of helping the entire population, the principle primun non-nocere (first do no harm) is no longer enough. We have a duty to raise the ground for everyone and not to make elevators for a few.

Artificial Intelligence and Technology

Artificial intelligence, robotics, or the automation of machines and industries will be implemented gradually over the next few years. Or at least that was how it was considered before the coronavirus, but the current reality is that its worldwide irruption has disrupted the temporal order of these processes, accelerating them drastically. Many companies have had to incorporate technologies into their activity to continue with their day to day, such as the case of teleworking. Although these technological advances were already changing society and creating new paradigms, “it should not become the end in itself, but rather it should be a facilitator for the change process. to which we refer when we talk about digitization, “says The Valley’s Director of Innovation, Juan Luis Moreno, in a report prepared by the company.

Technology acts as a common thread for transformation in post-pandemic society. In more and more sectors, its presence is more notable and has facilitated communication, work, education, culture, distribution of supplies, or surveillance to reduce the number of positives for coronavirus. ” Technology has been imposed and the future has advanced a decade “, emphasizes in the study the director of Research of the Institute of Technological Innovation of Abu Dhabi, José Ignacio Latorre.

Presence Of Technology In Different Areas

Trends such as artificial intelligence, 5G, or Blockchain continue to evolve, while those directly related to the pandemic, such as cybersecurity, voice, digital payments, robots, drones, cloud computing, or virtual reality have been driven. Many of these technologies have focused on tasks such as disinfection, contact tracing, temperature control, or research and development of treatments and vaccines, as The Valley’s Director of Innovation commented in a webinar organized by the company.

Remote working solutions such as virtual private networks (VPNs), video conferencing, the cloud, collaboration tools, and facial recognition have been accelerated. Other activities that have benefited during these months have been distance learning or telemedicine (for example, through chatbots based on artificial intelligence that allow making diagnoses). For their part, Big Data, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, or the blockchain have been key to managing the supply chain so that there is no interruption during the pandemic.

In this new normal, avoiding new sprouts is the primary goal. That is why thermal sensors will be one more element with which citizens will coexist and that will measure the temperature or detect if they are wearing a mask to identify possible infections. In countries like China or Korea, they use drones to perform this task in order to limit the exposure of people.

With the opening of the business, crowding is a concern. For example, the event exemplified the case of Butler, an intelligent interior positioning system for the automation of the retail sector. That is, through the use of thermal sensors and artificial intelligence, the application allows you to track and predict the movement of people and the occupation of the store. On the other hand, with the entry of tourists to the country, the cleaning and disinfection of hotels become the central axis of their strategies and, through the use of technology, new formulas are sought to block germs, and robots are used to disinfect the rooms.

“Digitization is in our entire environment as a vector of change,” emphasizes Moreno. In this sense, a new era of distance education has been promoted, new customer experiences from home, or touchless. These transformations have opened windows of opportunity for telemedicine, protection software, and health and wellness applications. Also, start-ups related to education are living their moment, to the like biotechnology or delivery home. But technology has also enabled many companies to adapt and even pivot and transform their business model in times of crisis.

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PDFBear: Splitting PDF Files The Easy Way Without Downloading A Software



PDFBear: Splitting PDF Files The Easy Way Without Downloading A Software

PDFBear: Splitting PDF Files The Easy Way Without Downloading A Software

It’s crazy how fast technology is evolving these days. What everyone thinks is advanced now can be out-of-date tomorrow, and it’s inevitable. Given the pandemic situation, everyone stays at home; students take online classes, and most people are working home-based. Fortunately, PDFBear has all the solutions for any file format-related concerns.

PDFBear is the most convenient and user-friendly interface with so many online sites available that allow the customers to be more productive when performing multiple functions with their PDF files. It holds 25 features that can save users a lot of time. It offers services like conversion, splitting, merging, compression, and many more.

Not only that, PDFBear is accessible for free with it’s best security and privacy for its users. One of the perks of using this converter is all documents are in safe hands. It means every file uploaded in the system is deleted after an hour to have it 100% secure and protected. And the plan is SSL encrypted, which makes it safer without doubting the files to be compromised.

How To Split PDF Files

PDFBear is the perfect tool for splitting PDF pages. Split PDF can individualize documents that are composed of too many pages. Separating multiple pages and saving them as separate files can save hard drive space. As a result, it will also be lighter for online sharing. This platform serves as the best reliable tool to split PDF pages free of charge.

Splitting files paves the way to manage and work on large PDF files appropriately and efficiently. Users can split PDF files into individual pages to extract specific pages from the original PDF document. And with this website, users can split PDF files in just a manner of seconds. Here’s how you can split PDF files easily.

The first thing is to search the file needed to split and upload it on the website. Now, click on the pages that are required to be separated from the original document. After choosing the unwanted pages, click split to refine the pages and export them into individual PDF files. Lastly, after everything is specified, the split PDF document is ready for download.

Split PDF Files Anytime And Anywhere

PDFBear is an all-in-one tool that can be accessed freely, as stated earlier. Users don’t have to pay a single penny when using their services. Besides, this online tool provides access using different devices like laptops, computers, or cellphones. And even platforms like Mac, Windows, Android, or Linux programs.

Using the split tool does not require installation. There are only three things needed when converting documents with this website. First, of course, is any smart device, a desktop, or a mobile device that can perform the conversion process. A reliable internet connection to access the website, and lastly is the PDF file to convert.

Retrieving Corrupt Files And Documents

One prominent feature of PDFBear is retrieving and repairing files and documents that are corrupted or broken. This website can help reach files that can’t open due to some technical errors. Just upload the corrupted PDF file by dragging or selecting the files inside the box. Wait for the process to complete, then the refreshed PDF file is now accessible.

Privacy and Security

PDFBear handling documents securely is what makes it different from other online converter tools. It respects each of the user’s privacy and confidentiality. As mentioned earlier, all forms are in safe hands. Users don’t need to worry about their files being infected by viruses or malware. Besides that, all files are permanently deleted after an hour of finished service.

PDFBear PRO Premium

PDFBear also has its premium service, the PDFBear PRO, in which users can subscribe to the site and have more benefits and tools to use. In this subscription, users benefit from storing documents into their secure cloud and access them anytime and anywhere as long as it’s connected to the internet.

One of the popular features of PDFBear PRO is the OCR conversion tool. It means that a scanned receipt from a local convenience store is obtainable, and it will be able to read, dissect, and give a fully editable document. Users can also edit and convert multiple PDF files or records of up to 2GB to achieve top productivity with its users’ subscription.


This website is the best tool to split PDF files or documents without worrying about the records’ privacy and security. It can help carry the burden when it comes to anything PDF related. It’s one of the most reliable and trustworthy converters for splitting, compressing, conversions, and many more.

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The New Collection Of Omega Watches For The High Professionals This 2021



New Collection Of Omega Watches For The High Professionals This 2021

New Collection Of Omega Watches For The High Professionals This 2021

Omega watches are known to the world of professionals as the iconic ones that could survive any extreme conditions with excellent accuracy and precision. All of their watches have lived and have been at the forefront of the human history of watches, from space missions to wars, to Olympic games. 

Since then, they’ve been living up with a tagline of “Exact Time for Life.” The designs and materials used for all of their Omega watches are from the world’s best quality materials. The Omega watches are classified into different professions, like the Speedmaster, Constellation, Seamaster, and De Ville. Here are some of their latest designs for your reference.

  • Rolex Seamaster Aqua Terra  –

This timepiece is inspired and gives tribute to the Omega history of maritime watches. This Rolex Seamaster model is equipped with all the features and functions that could delight any watch lover. This automatic watch has a movement caliber of 8606 with a reserve of 60-hours. The Omega watch price from the Seamaster series has a market of $ 5,899.

The dial of its watch is blue, inspired by the sea’s color, making it very attractive for all maritime professionals. The watch has arrow designed hands and rectangular hour markers in the luminous tip and center in silver-tone. Its case is made out of high-quality stainless steel material, same with its buckle and bracelet.

The watch’s dial and transparent back are covered with sapphire crystal making it scratch proof and dust-proof.  It has a round shape of a diameter of 43 mm, a height of 14.75 mm, and a lug-width of 21 mm. This timepiece’s movement caliber is an Omega Caliber of 8605  with a reserved time of 60 hours.

This Rolex Seamaster also has a water-resistant feature of 150 meters, making it perfect for professional divers. The watch’s look could be a comfortable pair to casual attire, uniform, and formal events. 

  • Rolex Constellation  Co-Axial Master –

This new Constellation watch is designed with luxurious details just for the ladies. The total look is nothing but sophistication, class, and lux that are perfect for any woman’s wrist. You can wear this anywhere, whether you’re on vacation, in a formal event, casual gatherings, and more. 

This stunning timepiece has a brown dial with a polished finish. The hands of it pointing at the watch’s hour marker are made of 18kt Sedna gold, the hour marker indexes are made of small diamonds making it more feminine than the other usual watches. Its case, buckle, and bracelet are made from stainless steel and Sedna gold materials.

The round shape of its case surrounded by a Sedna gold bezel has a diameter size of 28 mm, a perfect size for a lady’s wrist. The movement caliber used for this feminine timepiece is Omega caliber 4061 with a quartz type and a 50 hours reserve.

Besides being a luxurious and sophisticated watch, if you’re planning to go on outdoor activities, you don’t have to worry about it getting wet because it has a water-resistant feature of 30 meters. This watch is available in the market at $ 7,199.

  • Rolex Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph – 324.

This Omega watch from the new collection of Speedmaster is designed and crafted for female racers. In this new era, racers are no longer exclusive for the male but also the females. Each design of Speedmaster watches is built by high-quality materials that are exclusive for racing and casual and formal events. 

This timepiece has a silver dial with gold-tone hands in luminescence finish and hour markers in a gold-tone rectangular shape, with a green chronometer. Its case is made of stainless steel material with a solid black covered with sapphire glass in a round diameter of 38 mm and a lug-width of 18 mm. 

The movement caliber of this automatic Omega watch is 3330 with a 52 hours reserve. Its straps are made of premium alligator leather connected with a golden-tone buckle; it has a water-resistant feature of 100 meters. The price of this watch is now $ 4,999. 


The Rolex Omega watches different classifications depending on its professional use, like the Speedmasters for racers, Seamaster for maritime and seafarers, the De Ville for business people, and the constellation women. Each of them is created out of perfection to exceed their buyer’s expectations regarding a wristwatch. 

If you are still searching for a timepiece that could suit your personality and profession, try looking up the latest models of Omega watches. You can also check out for the best prices of Omega timepieces. 

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A New Collection Of Rolex Beauty: The Rolex Day-Date Watches 



Rolex Day-Date Watches

Rolex Day-Date Watches

Rolex is one of the world’s top-caliber luxury watches, and it is one of the most used timepieces by the world’s famous world leaders, Hollywood actors, and high-ranking professionals. Rolex is known for its various categories of watches such as the Speedmaster, Air King, Seamaster, Daytona, Submariner, GMT Master, and more.

One of the most legendary watches that Rolex ever created in this world is the Day-Date watches introduced to the world in 1956, and since then, it has already captured the hearts of many. The Day-Date collection of Rolex is known for its elegance and luxury designs. Below are some of the many new watches of Rolex under the Day-Date category.

Rolex Day-Date – 228348RBR_Black

A masterpiece from the new models of Rolex Day-Date with a combination of gold and black has an elegant look that would attract any watch lover. This watch exceeds any man’s expectations for a wristwatch. The sleek and classy look of this timepiece is easily paired with any formal or casual attire.

The dial of this elegant watch is black with baguette diamond hour markers and yellow gold hand markers. This timepiece has a day of the week display on its 12 o’clock and a date display on the side of the 3 o’clock, surrounded with bezel detailed by small diamond stones making this Rolex Day Date price at $49,299.

Besides that elegant feature and design of the watch, it has a round diameter of 40 mm with a solid back covered with a sapphire crystal, making the watch scratch-proof. The watch’s movement caliber is at 3255 with automatic technology and a reserve of 70 hours.

This watch also makes this watch stand out from the rest: the 18kt gold present on its case and golden yellow bracelet and buckle. Same with all the Rolex watches, this luxurious-looking timepiece has a water-resistant feature of 100 meters.

Rolex Day-Date – 228206-0001

This Rolex Day-Date wristwatch is one of a kind; it has a unique combination of colors that has become Rolex’s most iconic watch. This refreshing and elegant looking watch is best suited for men. The look of this wristwatch can go with any type of wardrobe with a versatile style that fits different occasions.

The release date of this watch in the market is in 2015. This analog timepiece has a unique combination of a light-blue dial with a dark tone blue hand markers and roman numeral hour markers. It has a day of the week display on the upper part near 12 o’clock and the date of the month display near 3 o’clock.

Its case is made of Platinum material, same with its solid back. The round-shaped case is protected with a sapphire crystal with a diameter size of 40.00 mm and a height of 12.00 mm. This automatic watch’s movement caliber is at 3255 with a diameter of 28.50 mm, 31 jewels, 70 hours reserve, and a frequency rate of 28800 BPH.

This watch’s bracelet is made of high-quality platinum material, the same as its buckle; it has a water-resistant feature of 100 meters. The selling price of this iconic Rolex Day-Date watch is $ 65,669.

Rolex Day-Date – 228239-0007

Another new look and style of the Day-Date watch is the Rolex 228239-0007, built for a man’s wrist. This timepiece has a classy look that is perfect for any businessman or high-ranking professionals.

This analog watch has a dark blue dial with silver-tone hand markers and hour markers. The watch has a day of the week indicator at 12 o’clock and the month indicator’s date on its 3 o’clock. Its case is made of white gold material, sealed and covered with a sapphire crystal in a round shape with a diameter size of 40 mm and a height of 12.00 mm.

This timepiece’s movement caliber is at 3255 with an automatic feature, 31 jewels, and a frequency of 28800 BPH. This watch’s bracelet and buckle are made of white gold material with a water-resistant feature, same with all the Rolex watches at around 100 meters. It was introduced in 2015, and its selling price in the market is $ 42,369.


Rolex is known to the world as a durable and luxury brand collection of watches. The brand has different categories, each of them equipped with varying types of technology that would fit any profession. The Day-Date one is nothing but elegance and has a waterproof feature, same with the rest of the Rolex watches.

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