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Things a married couple should know about filing tax jointly



It is good to have a loving, caring and compatible life partner that will share happiness, sorrow, emotional and financial burden with you. There are multiple good reasons to get married and financial support is one of them. When a couple is going to file a tax return, it will give opportunity to get benefits out of tax brackets. It basically depends on net worth.

No doubt the married filing jointly tax brackets are other than the solo tax brackets and will offer multiple benefits. Here are some of them that will provide financial support while preparing to pay tax together:

  • Achieve lower tax bracket

In previous years it happens that the joint taxable payment may raise the tax bracket for the couple. But now systems are quite different and modified as well, when couples going to file for the tax jointly can reduce the limit. If one of the spouses is earning the highest amount and the other has the lowest income level, then according to the law the lowest earner can bring back the other into lowest tax brackets. It reduces the overall payable or the taxable income for both.  

  • Enjoy the tax deductions and credits

According to the taxation system there are multiple benefits available for married couples. But only those can get the advantage who will file for the tax jointly. The tax deductions and credits refers to child support benefit, education credits, health insurance and other related compensations. The tax brackets married are different for the others and only entertain those couples who file tax together.  

  • Less expensive & manageable

Preparing for the tax filing, gathering documents and spending amounts is a normal thing that the person has to do while following the filing procedure. If a couple jointly goes to file for the taxation means it takes less time to assemble the documents. Moreover, it saves the money that is spent over the procedure.

  • One can get the jobless benefits

If both spouses separately file for the tax, then it is not possible to get the jobless claim benefits. But filling for the tax jointly will help to get entitled for the individual retirement account. In case one of them becomes jobless he or she can easily claim for the account. The amount is usually higher than the amount paid to the individual person.

  • Overcome the filing complications

Filing for the tax separately is a complicated procedure but if you are married and decided to file jointly, it will ease the overall procedure. In case of the compensation and return both of them are liable to get the compensation that reduces the uncertainty or complication.

No doubt that the tax filing jointly will offer the benefits but it is important to understand the filling procedure and other related things. In every situation filing jointly will not offer the benefits. So, it is better to understand your situation and consult the related professional to get the assistance about taxation, filling procedure and other aspects before deciding. 

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MilesWeb AWS Cloud Hosting Review: The Best Managed AWS Cloud Provider of India



Spotify, the popular music service went through a problem a few years ago. The issue was that the users received application errors rather than the latest Taylor Swift song. This is because the music services wasn’t able to manage the increased demand for storage and was attempting to arrange a daily arrival of over 20,000 songs. The company was going to tremendous tension due to lack of customer satisfaction and increase in cancellation of subscriptions. 

Thinking why I am explaining you all this? Because it relates this topic.

Spotify then took the help of Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS offered them increased storage, its lifecycle management and assistants to help Spotify utilize their resources properly.  For continuously increasing music library, scaling was essential. AWS offers a highly scalable environment that needs just a few button clicks to set up. Currently, Spotify is housing over 30 million licensed songs with the help of AWS to store all data.

So, let’s get the idea of AWS services in details.

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services (or simply AWS) is a secure cloud services platform that offers almost everything businesses need to build sophisticated applications with scalability, flexibility, and reliability. Today, it is used by millions. It offers a “pay-as-you-go” billing model without any upfront or capital costs. Amazon offers around 100 on-demand services and that list is constantly growing. The service can be implemented promptly and comes with minimal setup.

To learn about AWS isn’t only related to building sites online. The service also enables developers to access an interconnected suite of features to allow compute power, content delivery, database storage, and a developing portfolio of related functionality. Businesses from across the world are using AWS to grow as well as scale. Cloud computing has been already accepted and the solutions offered AWS are helping it grow faster.

Thus, AWS is one of the best solutions for businesses that are looking for large storage options as well as scalability and flexibility.

There are plenty of web hosting providers offering cloud AWS managed services but in this post we are going to learn about MilesWeb’s managed AWS cloud.

Introduction to MilesWeb

The company was launched by three experts in 2012 who focused on fulfilling the business requires for their online presence. MilesWeb was started in India but currently has its presence globally. They cater more than 20K customers online and have partnered with tech giants such as DigitalOcean, AWS, cPanel, Plesk, Microsoft, APNIC, Dell, HP and more. They have been awarded for the Performance, Security, Reliability and Customer Support by different review companies.

You will find a wide range of web hosting services available with them such as shared, VPS, dedicated, reseller, WordPress and cheapest cloud hosting so that you can select one according to your needs.

AWS Cloud Hosting Plans

Description: MilesWeb AWS Managed Services.png


AWS Certified Team

Their certified team of experts help in managing your AWS. They understand the way to enhance your AWS server so that it offers high security, power and becomes easy-to-use.


May it be any server-related tasks such as updates, patching or other daily operations needed for managing AWS, all will be looked after by their team.

24/7 Available Support

If there is an issue with your server at any point of time, you can contact them for your AWS related queries. You will find their team available to help you 24/7.

Server Monitoring

Your AWS server can be kept up and running at topmost extent. Their team will continuously monitor the traffic spikes, infections and other issues.

Optimization and Growth

For adopting the cutting-edge AWS services, your AWS server is enhanced together for performance, expenditure and security.

Increased Productivity

Don’t at all worry about your AWS cloud server administration. Allow your team to perform the tasks such as earning profits, building products and helping customer and let their team handle everything.

Datacenter Location

Because server location plays a key role in website performance, they allow you to select your preferred server location. The closer your server location to your target audience the faster your website will load for them.

Free Website Migration

If you want to migrate your website from your current provider, MilesWeb is always ready. They understand that you are occupied always and so, allow you to decide the time for migration and migrate your website to their AWS cloud server without any downtime. Also, they ensure that all your data gets safely migrated.

Customer Reviews

Description: MilesWeb Review.png


MilesWeb offers the best managed AWS cloud hosting service. Their team guides you through complete setup of your AWS server. They are with you right from the start to the end of your cloud transformation and more.

You get powerful AWS server with rigorous security and strict compliance. So, select them as your AWS cloud server management partner and boost your business productivity.

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5 apps that will make lockdown more bearable



Till date 20,120,919 confirmed cases have been confirmed by world health organization, and a whopping toll of 736,766 deaths.

Businesses are on an all-time low as the demand is negligible. Top business owners are filing bankruptcy; people are losing their jobs, companies cutting down their expenses and a lot more.

Many people have been seen to end up their life due to this blow they have faced financially in this COVID pandemic.

Companies are struggling for their existence and are taking up every possible measure to help themselves and the employees associated with them.

To cut down the costs most of the companies have started giving work from home option to their employees and save the office expenses as such.

Apart from this, the other thing that people have to fight in this COVID pandemic is the boredom while they are confined within their house. Watching TV shows, series and movies being the top ways.

Fighting with these two major issues has been made possible because of certain apps, which helped the companies as well as individuals to carry out their activities in a smooth manner.

I am going to list down some Apps which have becomes extremely popular in this pandemic situation. These apps are loved by both companies and individuals

Here is the list of top 5 apps that will make lockdown more bearable. These apps are loved for many reasons that include the easy to use dashboard and utility.


Zoom Video Communications, Inc. is an American communications technology company with its headquarter in San Jose, California. This is used by almost all companies today for teleconferencing and even by schools and coaching institutes for online classes. People have started using this software for videoconferencing to curb boredom.


This app offers free access to all premium features for nonprofits and qualified individuals who are offering emergency aid and information as a public service. This app allows free weekly onboarding and live office hours also.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

This app is an online multiplayer battle royale game. This is developed and published by PUBG Corporation. This  corporation is a subsidiary of Blue hole which is a South Korean video game. This app was already a hot favourite of people worldwide and pro gamers and but after this COVID this app has recorded a massive rise in the number of downloads. This has helped people team up with people from different part of globe to fight boredom.


Google is yet another app that has helped business a lot in this pandemic situation. This allows 250 people to participate in a single call and allows live streaming for up to 10000 people. This has proven to be a boon for many businesses out there.


Discord is an instant messaging and VoIP application. This is again a free app and gives a super live streaming experience. Initially, it supports 10 persons but now this number is raised to 50. A perfect fit for small teams.

There are many other apps in the list but as of now based on popularity, these are the top 5 apps. Try them once and you will find the things moving at a smooth pace.

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