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Important of About Us Page for your Website



Most of the people only work on their content and product and don’t care about the their pages at all like if we talk about one of the important page of the website like About Us Page you know how important is this page and this is the only page on your website which sometime can decide whether your website or business will reach the height or fall in the market. Let’s know the Important of the About Us Page.

I don’t know whether you aware about this fact or not that About Us page of your website are one of the page who gets lot of visitor. If you are running a particular business or sailing a product. When ever any new visitor come to your website and first go to or visit your About Us page for check what you are and what your product and what kind of business you are running. So here I going to discuss some fact about the About Me page that I observe and hope you Like it.

Whenever some one visit to your website he go and check your about Us page to see whether you are the right choice for him or not. He wants to know what product or services you are providing. That’s why your About Us page is often your website’s make or break page.

First of All I want to say that your About Us page Must be at the Top of Your Website ,well this a common fact and hope you Aware about it so we will not discuss About it so much lets move on the other facts

As I observer in some of the website in about me page that they use word like “outstanding, visionary, disruptive, excellent, world-class, cutting edge”. So if you also think like that then it just a wasting of word for you because by using this word you are simply trying to fool your customer but don’t forget today’s customer is more intelligent then they believe on real fact not only the words so be careful writing this word are you really capable to justify this word.

These are the tips for you before creating your About Us page !

First try to optimize what your customer wants and Never try to be what you are not

Do not try to fool your customer because customer doesn’t care what you are they just care what they are receiving from you and are you the right choice for him to get the solution of the problems and are you exactly the who for they are looking..At the basic level all the potential customer wants to know about your real business and your real capabilities. So just try to demonstrate what you are on you’re about me page

Always use real picture of Your Company, leaders and partners

Never try to fool the visitor about your company that your company belongs to this big organization and all. Don’t try to show the picture of any Big business man and Blogger who doesn’t belong to your website at All. Always use the picture of real people who belong to this website or your company. If you not want to show this picture and all and want to keep it private so no need to put any other pictures instead of this other wise people will make just a fun of it.

About US Page

Streamline your accolades very important for the Business website

This plays very important roles because certification is very important, except when they’re not. If you have some certification then displays it. Awards can also add credibility which is achieves by your organization. Try to show it to the customer or visitor it will definitely attract them and they will become more convince to show faith in your organization. No need to add all awards but at lest add some major awards. And if you have so many awards like a big good form then you can go for the separate page only for the awards

Keep Updating your About Us page Always

Don’t forget to update your about Us page time to time if some new product are launch by your company or new leaders join to your organization or website and if you are running a business and another branch is set up at some other place then don’t forget to update about it because updating is very necessary.

“Make sure your About Us page always matches what you would say if I asked you about your company today”

Always ask Question to the Visitor or your Customer

Asking the views about your website from the visitor can be very useful to you because if will help you to improve and implement new thing according to the needs of the customer or visitor so try to put some Question also in you About me Page so that you can know much better about the need and requirement of the visitor and customer

I Hope you like this fact that I share with you I don’t know weather you are agree about this fact or not about the About Us page but I am only sharing my thought with you what I learn from my experience If you like it your can comment Below and suggest me some more Ida from your experience

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Importance of commenting on Blog Posts, why it is so Important in 2020



Lots of Blogger don’t know about the importance of commenting and  most  of the blogger  things that  commenting is  just  the waste of time so if you also think that commenting is just a wasting of time and in this mean time you can add one more post to your blog instead of commenting or replying the comment so  here I am  going to  tell you the importance of commenting and not only commenting is important  replying the comments as well is so important. let me tell you the reason why i love to comment and reply each and every comments

It Adds a Human Aspect to your Blog:

If you show a human Aspect on your comments then you can get more comments then the one who have thousands of subscribers on there blog. Because the key behind this is that your are showing your visitor that there is a person behind this blog, who is updating this blog and replying to there comment , it is not a robot or a automated system.

I always try my best to respond each and every comment and not only in words like “thank you” or “Great post” because it will not encourage people to come back and leave comments, they only get encourage to comment again if the blogger respond there comment in an appropriate manner.

If you start responding them each and every time then they will start showing trust in you and I don’t think so that there is any blogger who doesn’t want the trust of their reader

It is Helpful in Building Relationship:

You know this very well that blogging is all about creating a relationship with the readers and gaining the trust of your readers.

So while commenting or responding to comments just think first and take at least  5 min of time to responding to every comment and also try to show some appreciation to them so that they will be more likely to come back to comment again

If the new visitor is there and commenting on your blog first time then he will get very happy knowing that they’ll be appreciated by you.

Helpful in Creating the Conversation:

I really love to have a conversation with my reader and other bloggers too .That is the reason why I always try to start conversation with my reader and other blogger because conversation teaches you lot of thing about the other blogger and tips to improve your blogs and the requirement of your readers. Conversation help me to build authority and creativity. Responding to the comment is shows your interest in your reader and make them to comment again and demonstrate that you care enough to read and reply.

Commenting Helps in Building Trust & Authority:

Whenever I use to write some tutorial article on my Blog, I get so many comments in which my reader is asking questions to me. So I just love to answer them and solving there issue and problems it helps me to build authority and creativity. If you try to solve the issue and problem of your reader then it will help you to be establishing yourself as a expert in your niche

It won’t get more than 5 minutes to respond to every comment, but in return there are a lot of benefits and it’s worth it.

Main things is that it Increase your number of Comments:

I just love to see lot of comments on my blog and why not every body love to see lot of comments on the blogs it shows yours and your reader activeness on your blog it doesn’t matter how many of the comments is mine :p but  If you have lot of comments in your Blog it will help you in SEO Optimization in a minimal way

Respond to each and every comment make your reader believe that you are actively involve with them and encourage them also to leave more comments on your blog and the keep waiting for your replies and stick with your blog

what are you thinking now ?

what are you thinking now what is your mind saying about the importance of commenting

Just talk to your mind for a while that what you think about those who responds to each and every comment of his blog, Do you still think that it’s worth to spend time on responding to comment on your blog or commenting on other blog?

I really love to know your answer what you think about all this , don’t forget to comment about it as I love to have a lot of comment on my Blogs.

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